Photoepilation is recognized as one of the most efficient methods for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

We have a Nanno Light MP50 apparatus with sub-zero cooling and intensive pulse system with a number of pulse operations.

Light energy is absorbed by melanin and transformed in the hair to its follicle, which is destroyed while surrounding skin and tissue are kept safe and undamaged.

The pulse light energy system is meant for permanent hair removal, photo removal of acne, photo rejuvenating, varicose vain and capillary treatment, pigmentation lesions after Fitzpatrick’s classification.

  • Areas: Above upper lip, chin, cheeks, whiskers, cheek-bones, nose, neck, cervix, underarms, chest, around breast nipples, abdomen, abdomen line, buttocks, bikini line, partial bikini area, complete bikini area, arms to elbow, whole legs, ½ legs (knee including)

  • Zones: Zone 1, whole face, whole legs, shoulders, waist

  • Zones: Forehead, eye area, lips area, whole face, face and neck, face, neck, neckline

Apparatus: Nanno Light MP50

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