Manicure is a procedure, which takes little time, and makes nails healthier and better looking, adding tenderness and finesse to the hands.

SPA manicure is an exquisite treatment, the effect of which can be seen not only on nails, but also on the delicate skin of the hands with an intense anti-aging result.

Art design manicure is unique and non-standard thanks to the nail art gallery, stones and dry flowers chosen to fit the temperament of each client.

If you have problems with your nails, or if they tend to break and a good manicure can not be attained, nail plastics will be your solution. It is made with gel and acrylic.


  • Classic manicure
  • Manicure with no polish
  • French manicure
  • Men manicure
  • OPI treating manicure (nourishing and smoothing procedure with hot gloves + polish)
  • Polishing
  • Polishing (French manicure)
  • Polishing (diamond polish)
  • Nail art design (one nail)
  • Art design with stones – one stone
  • Art design with flakes (one nail)
  • Healing invigorator
  • Hands massage (10 minutes)
  • Massage + peeling (15 minutes)
  • UV top polish
  • Bleaching of nail plate
  • SPA manicure


  • Nail plastics with gel
  • Maintenance with gel
  • Applying gel on natural nails
  • Repair of one nail with gel
  • Nail plastics with acrylic
  • Maintenance with acrylic
  • Repair of one nail

If you get four procedures in one day (cosmetics, massage, hairdo, manicure or pedicure) you will receive a 10% discount.
The centre works with leading companies in the area of hairdressing and cosmetics.

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